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  • HFI is to deliver high-quality teaching, encouraging our students to explore innovation, whose creativity and independence of thought sustain their continuing inquiry and reflection on truth and essence. The challenges that students encounter at HFI stimulate their development as individuals with integrity and as members of society with full respect, who embrace strong self-motivation, self-adaptation to the changing world and who are independent life-long learners.

  • •In the 2016-2017 academic year, the total enrollment of the international department is 411,comprising 383 students in the AP program and 28 in the IFY program
    • Entering students represent 30 different public and private schools
    • 50 Full Time Teachers and staff, 38 percent of faculty hold advanced qualifications, including masters degrees and doctorates.
    • Average Class Size:25 on the AP Program and 16 on the IFY Program
    Student-Teacher Ratio: 12:1
    • Students took 939 AP Exams in 2016 and scored14 percent higher than the China average and 31 percent higher than the global average.
    • 92 percent of 939 AP exams had a score of 3 or higher
    • Average SAT scores of 2016 is 2089
    • 20 AP courses offered