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Meet the Principal
Meet the Principal

Sheldon Smith

Academic Principal
International Department,
The Affiliated high school of SCNU

Welcome to International Department, The Affiliated High School of SCNU!

I have been working at HFI since 2005, and in those past years I have witnessed many changes: new students, new colleagues, new courses, new school environment. I have been excited by the addition of the AP programme, which now allows students to progress to US and Canadian universities, in addition to those in the UK and Australia via our more established International Foundation Year programme. Despite the many changes that have taken place in those past years, one constant has been the achievement of the students. I am always very proud of our students’ successes each year, in study, in life, and of course, most importantly, in their goal of achieving a place at an overseas university. Many of the graduates from this school that I have taught and guided are now graduates from university, with overseas degrees, and one of the great pleasures of my job is hearing from such alumni, listening to their fond memories of their time here, recollections of teachers and friendships, and understanding how our programmes in the centre helped them on their way to success.

All education systems have their strengths and weaknesses. One of the goals of our programme is to combine and build on the strengths of both the Chinese and the Western education systems, allowing the discipline and breadth of students previous studies to guide them on their way towards more creative, more reflective, more content-rich modes of learning. Education of students should and must extend beyond mere classroom learning. Our students are actively engaged in extra-curricular activities, our teachers are aware of the need to develop the whole student. Graduates of our school are world citizens, ready for successful study and life in the West, yet still retaining their Chinese identity.

I look forward to the changes and challenges of the future, look forward to welcoming new students to the school, look forward to working with all of them, and their parents, in the goal of ensuring that our students can go on to achieve international success.