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Huafu International currently specialises in university pathway (preparation) courses. The company runs an AP (Advanced Placement) programme for progression to universities in the USA, Canada and other countries, as well as an NCUK validated course (the IFY) for progression to UK and Australian universities. In addition, there is an internally validated course, namely the pre-IFY. More details about each of these are given below.

AP (Advanced Placement)

The AP programme, added in 2009, is a intended to allow progression to universities in the USA, Canada, and other countries. Students on this programme continue their Chinese high school curriculum, as well as undertaking AP courses. The programme is three years in duration. During the first year, which is equivalent to grade 10, students continue to study core Chinese high school courses in Chinese, enabling them to attain a Chinese high school diploma. They also take classes in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) to help prepare them for their AP courses in the second and third years (grades 11 and 12), as well as for college study in the US. Students also take pre-AP English classes to prepare them for English in grades 11 and 12. They also take SAT and TOEFL preparation classes. During grades 11 and 12, students undertake AP courses, in addition to some Chinese classes. All students are required to take English, plus 2 to 3 other AP subjects. Currently, we offer the following AP subjects to students, though the exact courses we offer will depend on the staffing matrix of the school:

• AP Physics 2
• AP Physics C: Mechanics
• AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
• AP Chemistry
• AP Biology
• AP Environmental Science
• AP English Literature and Composition
• AP English Language and Composition
• AP Statistics
• AP Calculus AB
• AP Calculus BC
• AP Computer Science
• Advanced Calculus [note: this course is more advanced than AP]
• AP Microeconomics
• AP Macroeconomics
• AP US History
• AP World History
• AP European History
• AP Human Geography
• AP Psychology
• AP Art History

In order to graduate, students must take and pass one AP subject from each of the following four disciplines: English, Science, Social Science, Math.

NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY)

This programme has been running for a number of years in a variety of countries including Malaysia, Pakistan, Jordan and Kenya. It was launched in China in 1999. The IFY currently runs in many different countries, including China, Kenya, Korea, Pakistan, the UK, Ireland and Japan. NCUK has plans to open further centres in a variety of other countries around the world. The IFY is validated by NCUK who provide the syllabuses, the quality assurance, the exams procedure and the university placement service for the students. The aim of the IFY is to prepare overseas students for study in a British or Australian university. The aim is to provide ‘value-added students’.

The IFY at Huafu International currently has three possible streams:
• Engineering with Further Maths– EAP, Maths, Physics, Further Maths
• Finance – EAP, Maths, Economics, Further Maths
• Business – EAP, Maths, Economics, Business

Students can progress directly to the following universities in the UK and Australia.

English Universities
Australian Universities
Aston University
Adelaide University
The University of Birmingham
Australian National University
The University of Bradford 
The University of Canberra
The University of Bristol
La Trobe Univesity
The University of Huddersfield
Queensland University of Technology
The University of Kent 
Swinburn University
Kingston University
The University of Technology Sydney
University of Leeds 
The University of Western Sydney
Leeds Metropolitan University

Liverpool John Moores University

The University of Liverpool

The University of Manchester

Manchester Metropolitan University

Queen Mary, University of London

The University of Salford

The University of Sheffield

Sheffield Hallam University

Progression to other universities, particularly in the UK, is also possible, and expanding the range of universities which recognize the IFY, especially UK and US universities, is one of the current goals of the NCUK marketing team.

Other (in-house) courses: Pre-IFY II 

This is a short course (5-6 weeks) directly before the IFY begins. It is taken by virtually all students who hope to study on the IFY. The Pre-IFY II course is an introduction to the style of teaching and learning students will experience on the IFY. As such it concentrates on improving students’ English level and study skills. Students study Academic English, Mathematics, Business, Finance, Physics, and Chemistry. At the end of the Pre-IFY II, the IFY Entry exams are held. These include an online EAP exam, Password, in which students must score at least 5.0 to be assured a place on the IFY. There are also exams for the subjects listed above, which help in deciding whether students are suitable for a given stream.