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Life in Guangzhou

In my 3 years working at HFI I have had several good opportunities to help develop my teaching career. As well as attending workshops in relation to AP subjects, I have been able to make many positive contributions to the management of the school and to develop my curriculum experience. Unlike many western schools and other similar programs within China, there is a good degree of freedom to design and deliver the course in the most appropriate way for the students without unnecessary restraints imposed from above. Quality educators will feel a strong sense of professional reward from working with such great students in such a supportive and dynamic environment.

Guangzhou is also a great place to live. Although it has a bit of a reputation for being the industrial centre of China, the city and surroundings have many historical and cultural things to explore and these could keep you busy for years, not to mention all of the beautiful parks, gardens and other public spaces scattered throughout. It's really easy to get around, the transport system is amongst the best in the world with many underground metro lines and an extensive bus network. There is also a strong western presence and it is easy to find coffee shops, bars, restaurants of all types and bookshops. Hong Kong and Macau are only short trips away, as are many other Chinese cities worth exploring, not to mention the lovely countryside just a short drive from the centre of town. And of course the shopping is amazing, with huge markets for all sorts of products from imported food to clothes to electronics to costume jewelery, on a scale not seen anywhere else in the world. I can highly recommend working at HFI!