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Faculty & Staff
Principal of HFI
  • Sheldon Smith

    Sheldon Smith

    Principal of HFI

    -Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester

    -Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics (Hons) from the University of Birmingham

    -Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    -Teaching experience in China since 2002

    -Working at HFI since 2005

AP English
  • Michael Crachiolo

    Michael Crachiolo

    Head of the AP English Department, AP English Language and Composition Teacher

    -Master's Degree in Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages K-12, City University of New York, City College

    -Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Metropolitan Studies from New York University

    -Professional (permanent) Teaching Certificate, University of the State of New York

    -Fluent in English and Spanish, proficient in Portuguese

    -Has taught in U.S., Mexico and China

  • Carlton Cook

    Carlton Cook

    AP English Literature and Composition Teacher

    -Bachelor of Language Art and Psychology from John Brown University

    -8 years of teaching experience in H.L. Watkins Middle School in U.S.

  • Chelsea North

    Chelsea North

    AP Pre-AP English Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts in English from Seattle Pacific University

    -Taught AP English Language Arts and Writing in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    -Washington State Residency Teaching Certification, Secondary Education, Language Arts

  • Laura Merleau-Mcgrady

    Laura Merleau-Mcgrady

    AP Year 12 English and AP Language and Composition Teacher

    -Ph.D. English from University of Kansas

    -Has taught in St. Louis University and Washington University

  • Matthew Bender

    Matthew Bender

    AP Year 11 English Teacher

    -MA in Secondary Education from Piedmont College

    -BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Appalachian State University

    -Taught AP Literature course in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    -Experience as Head of English Department

    -Obtained CELTA-Cambridge English Language Teaching Accreditation 

  • Melanie Anne Sievers

    Melanie Anne Sievers

    Drama and English Teacher

    -Master of Writing Program from the University of San Francisco

    -B.A.of Theatre  from the Hunter College, New York, 

    -17 years’ experience in high school and middle school

  • Rochelle Mathurin

    Rochelle Mathurin

    EAP Teacher

    -Bachelor of Social Work (Highest Honors), minor in Sociology from the Carleton University, Canada

    -Master of Social Work Non-Thesis, Children and Families Stream from McGill University, Canada

    -Teaching experience since 2011

  • Senen Cano Amor

    Senen Cano Amor

    EAP Teacher

    -Master of arts in Literature and Language Teaching  from University of the Philippines

    -Master of Arts in English from Saint Francis College – Philippines

    -Teaching experience since 2004

AP Science and Mathematics
  • Russael Johanys

    Russael Johanys

    AP Calculus BC and Advanced Calculus Teacher

    -Master of Business Administration from Stanford University

    -Master of Education in Secondary Mathematics from George Washington University

    -Bachelor degree from the United States Military Academy

    -Has taught AP Calculus and Physics in international schools in Korea and Japan

  • Geoffrey Fitzgerald

    Geoffrey Fitzgerald

    IFY Maths and Physics Teacher

    -Bachelor of Education Majoring in Math and Physics from the Queensland University of Technology.

    -11 years’ experience teaching math and physics including 1st year university Lecturer in Electric Circuits and Engineering Statics.

  • James P. Rogers

    James P. Rogers

    AP Economics and IFY Business and Economics Teacher

    -Bachelor of Science, Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point

    -Certifications: Six Sigma; Certified Financial Analyst, Candidate; Teachers License, Massachusetts State

    -Teaching experience in China since 2009

  • John Scramling

    John Scramling

    Chemistry Teacher

    -Masters in Curriculum and Instruction (Cleveland State)

    -Bachelor’s in Education (Michigan State)

    -Certification:  Ohio Permanent Cert. in Chemistry, Physics, and General Science (Gr. 7 – 12). Holds a State of Ohio Pupil Supervisory Certificate (for coaching)

  • Robert Lance Moore

    Robert Lance Moore

    Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

    -Biology and Chemistry teacher with 12 years of teaching experience

    -Master of Education and Teacher Certification from the College of New Jersey

    -Bachelor of Biological Science from the University of Central Oklahoma, B.S. in Biology

  • May Luo

    May Luo

    Computer Science Teacher

    -Master of computer science from Northern Illinois University

    -Bachelor of Chemistry from South China University of Technology

  • George Mao

    George Mao

    AP Statistics Teacher

    -Master of Computer Science from Yunnan University, Kunming, China

    -Taught  ACT Math, AP Statistics , Physics and Calculus in  GAC/ACT Centre, Kunming, China and Alevel Mathematics(Mechanics) Jersey College for Girls, Channel Island Jersey, UK

    -Has been teaching math subjects since 2008

AP Social Science
  • Damon Six

    Damon Six

    Head of the Social Science dept. AP Psychology and AP Human Geography Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts in History from Texas Tech University

    -Teacher Certification/Education from University of Texas-Permian Basin

    -Teaching in U.S., Korea and China since 2000

    -Teaching at HFI since 2013

  • Matt Augspurger

    Matt Augspurger

    AP world History and AP Human Geography Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts from the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington 

    -Master of Arts in Teaching from the Concordia University, Portland, Oregon

    -Teaching Experience since 2004

    -Taught in RDFZ Xishan AP Center – China American International School, American International School, Universal American School, H.B. Lee Middle School, Cascade Academics…

  • Matthew G Frost

    Matthew G Frost

    AP Art History and AP European History Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts (BA) from SUNY, College at Purchase, New York

    -Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from Hunter College, New York

    -Masters of Science in Ed. (MS Ed.) from Hunter College, New York 

    -Teaching experience since 2000

  • Jerry Redfield

    Jerry Redfield

    AP US History and AP Economic Teacher

    -Bachelor of Arts, Economics from Wheaton College

    -Teaching experience since 2012

    -Experienced AP teacher

Local teachers
  • Helen Cui

    Helen Cui

    Head of Bilingual Teacher

    English teacher

  • Delia Yi

    Delia Yi

    English teacher

    English teacher

  • Wendy He

    Wendy He

    English teacher

    English teacher

  • Rachel Li

    Rachel Li

    Chemistry in Chinese teacher

    Chemistry in Chinese teacher

  • Jenny Ge

    Jenny Ge

    Math in Chinese Teacher

    Math in Chinese Teacher

  • Jiayun Xu

    Jiayun Xu

    Physics in Chinese Teacher

    Physics in Chinese Teacher

  • Harky Li

    Harky Li

    PE Teacher

    PE Teacher

  • Susan Chen

    Susan Chen

    Math in Chinese Teacher

    Math in Chinese Teacher

  • Lillian Li

    Lillian Li

    Biology teacher

    Biology teacher

  • Yoee Yang

    Yoee Yang

    English teacher

    English teacher

  • Cece Duan

    Cece Duan

    EAP teacher and principal assistant

    EAP teacher and principal assistant