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Bilingual Teachers
  • Sheldon Smith

    Sheldon Smith

    Principal Of HFI

    Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester

    Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics (Hons) from the University of Birmingham

    Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    Teaching experience in China since 2002

    Working at HFI since 2005

  • Michael Crachiolo

    Michael Crachiolo

    Head of the AP English Department, AP English Language and Composition Teacher

    Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages K-12 from University of the state of New York

    Bachelor of Arts from New York University

    Initial Teacher Certificate, University of the State of New York

    Proficient in English, Spanish and Portuguese

    Has taught in U.S., Mexico and China

  • Carlton Cook

    Carlton Cook

    AP English Literature and Composition Teacher

    Bachelor of Language Art and Psychology from John Brown University

    8 years of teaching experience in H.L. Watkins Middle School in U.S.

  • Chelsea North

    Chelsea North

    AP Pre-AP English Teacher

    Bachelor of Arts in English from Seattle Pacific University

    Taught AP English Language Arts and Writing in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    Washington State Residency Teaching Certification, Secondary Education, Language Arts 

  • Laura Merleau-Mcgrady

    Laura Merleau-Mcgrady

    AP Year 12 English and AP Language and Composition Teacher

    Ph.D. English from University of Kansas

    Has taught in St. Louis University and Washington University

  • Matthew Bender

    Matthew Bender

    AP Year 11 English Teacher

    MA in Secondary Education from Piedmont College

    BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Appalachian State University

    Taught AP Literature course in Schools of North America (WASC Accredited) in Vietnam

    Experience as Head of English Department

    Obtained CELTA-Cambridge English Language Teaching Accreditation 

  • Raymond Ferguson

    Raymond Ferguson

    AP EAP Teacher

    BA Degree (Hons) in Combined Humanities (Major English Literature Minor History) from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

    Obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL fro the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

    EAP teacher in South China Agricultural University 

  • Joel Wilson

    Joel Wilson

    Head of the AP Social Science Department, AP World History and AP Economics Teacher

    Master of Education from the College of New Jersey
    Master of Political Science from New York University
    Bachelor of Philosophy and History from Texas State University
    Previously taught at Hsinchu American School in Taiwan

  • Damon Six

    Damon Six

    AP Psychology and AP Human Geography Teacher

    Bachelor of Arts in History from Texas Tech University

    Teacher Certification/Education from University of Texas-Permian Basin

    Teaching in U.S., Korea and China since 2000

    Taught AP Psychology and Government & Politics in Seoul International School 

  • Lawrence Mullin

    Lawrence Mullin

    AP European History and AP Art History Teacher

    Bachelor of Arts from Kean University

    Certified to teach Social Studies K-12 by the state of New Jersey, USA

    Has taught in various schools in U.S., and China

    With HoD experience

  • Reed Bell

    Reed Bell

    AP US History and AP Economics Teacher

    B.A. in History from Wilmington

    Taught AP History and Geography in various international schools

  • Russael Johanys

    Russael Johanys

    AP Calculus BC and Advanced Calculus and AP Physics C Teacher

    Master of Business Administration from Stanford University

    Master of Education in Secondary Mathematics from George Washington University

    Bachelor degree from the United States Military Academy

    Has taught AP Calculus and Physics in international schools in Korea and Japan

  • John Zukowski

    John Zukowski

    AP Statistics Teacher

    MAT Mathematics from University of Dallas

    Bachelor of Mathematics from University of Massachusetts

    20 years of teaching experience of high school mathematics and AP

    AP Calculus Grader

  • Neeraja Amura

    Neeraja Amura

    AP Biology and AP Environmental Science Teacher

    Master of Science-Osmania University

    Ontario College of Teachers

    Certified to teach IB Biology, AP Biology and Chemistry

    Has taught in high schools in India, U.S., and China

  • Tan Do Seng (Desmond)

    Tan Do Seng (Desmond)

    AP Chemistry Teacher

    Master in Chemical Engineering from National University of Singapore

    Bachelor in Applied Science from Technological University of Malaysia

    Has been teaching in China since 2008, in Kunming, Changsha, and Guangzhou

  • Shaji Philip

    Shaji Philip

    AP Computer Science Teacher

    Master of Computer Science from Bharathiar University

    Bachelor of Electronics from Bharathiar University

    Has been teaching since 2003

    Taught AP computer science in various international schools

  • Geoffrey Fitzgerald

    Geoffrey Fitzgerald

    IFY Maths and Physics Teacher

    Bachelor of Maths and Physics Education from Queensland University of Technology

    Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering from Queensland University of Technology

    8 years of teaching experience of Physics and Mathematics 

  • Kym Jeffries

    Kym Jeffries

    IFY EAP Teacher

    Bachelor of Education from Queensland University of Technology

    Obtained CELTA-Cambridge English Language Teaching Accreditation

    Rich experience of EAP and IELTS teaching in various international schools in Beijing and Suzhou

  • Paul Branicki-Tolchard

    Paul Branicki-Tolchard

    IFY Economic and Business Teacher

    Master in Business Administration, University of Durham

    BSc (Hons)in Applied Biological Science, South Bank University

    PGCE from Sunderland University

    Has been teaching since 2003 

  • Helen Cui

    Helen Cui

    Head of Bilingual Teacher

    English teacher

  • Delia Yi

    Delia Yi

    English teacher

  • Wendy He

    Wendy He

    English teacher

  • Yoee Yang

    Yoee Yang

    English teacher

  • Rachel Li

    Rachel Li

    Chemistry in Chinese teacher

  • Jenny Ge

    Jenny Ge

    Math in Chinese Teacher

  • Jiayun Xu

    Jiayun Xu

    Physics in Chinese Teacher

  • Harky Li

    Harky Li

    PE Teacher

  • Helen Chen

    Helen Chen

    Math in Chinese Teacher

  • Lillian Li

    Lillian Li

    Biology teacher