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Student Council

The student council is a 12 member body composed of 4 representatives from each grade level. Each of the 4 members for each grade level will be elected by vote to represent their respective classes (Barton, Gershwin, etc.). From this group of 4 representatives for each grade level, each of these representatives with run and be elected by the entire grade to be the president, vice president, secretary, and historian for their class. The 3 presidents for each year will represent their entire grade level for communication to and from the school. One of the 3 presidents will be elected as the president of the entire student body by the whole school. As a rule, the student body president should be a year 2 or year 3 student due to experience, understanding of the school community, and maturity.

The student council was created to help facilitate communication between administration, teachers, and students more streamlined, more efficient, and more responsive to all people directly involved in the school. Therefore, in this first year of inauguration, the student council's sole responsibility is to help facilitate and organize effective communication between administration, teachers, and students.

The way this communication will work will be a cyclical process involving the students eliciting responses to new agenda items and then conveying that to teachers and administration whereas the teachers and administration will also have their own agenda and communication items to get feedback on or inform the students about an upcoming event.

Student Council Members
  • Shane Zhu

    Shane Zhu

  • Belle Wang

    Belle Wang

  • Alex Chen

    Alex Chen