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Placement Results

Up until May 5th 2018, the 130 students in AP program class of 2018 have received over 700 university offer letters from 11 countries and areas , including those from University of Chicago, Stanford University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Brown University, Cornel University, Rice University, Vanderbilt University, Washington University at St. Louis, University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Emory University, University of California--Berkeley, Pomona College, Middlebury College, Carleton College, Vassar College, Cambridge University, Hong Kong University, Sydney University, and University of Toronto. In total they were offered scholarship of over 3 million US dollars. With increasing competitions in oversea university applications, HFI AP students still managed to achieve great results. We maintained our record of over 90% of students being admitted to national top 50 US universities, 57% to national top 30 US universities, liberal arts colleges, art and design schools, as well as universities in Canada and Hong Kong, and 20% to national top 20 US universities and liberal art colleges.

Comprehansive Universities in the United States
Ranking University #Admitted Student Name & Scholorship Scholorship Total
University of Chicago
1 Ouyang(ED)
Stanford University
1 Liu(REA)
Duke University
1 Zheng
Northwestern University
2 Huang(ED),Zheng
Johns Hopkins University
3 Chen,Deng(ED),Zheng
Brown University
1 Zeng
Cornell University
5 Chen,Li(ED),Yin(ED),Zeng,Zheng(Scholarship24000)
Rice University
1 Chen(ED)
Vanderbilt University
3 Du(ED),Lv(ED),Zheng
Washington University in St. Louis
2 Zheng,Zhu(ED)
University of Notre Dame
1 Chen
Georgetown University
1 Zheng
Emory University
2 Chen,Nie(ED)
University of California, ​Berkeley
5 Chen,Shen,Zeng,Wu,Li
University of California, ​Los Angeles
11 Chen,Li,Shen,Wen,Wu,Wu,Xi,Yang,Zeng,Zheng,Zhu
University of Southern California
8 Chen,Chen,Kuang,Li,Qiu,Shen,Zeng(Scholarship :Half Tuition),Zheng(Scholarship221320) Half Tuition+221320
University of Virginia
4 Chen,Shen,Zeng,Zheng
Carnegie Mellon University
4 Sha,Kuang,Chen,Zeng
Wake Forest University
1 Li(ED2)
Tufts University
3 Chen,Chen,Huang
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
9 Chen,Deng,Feng,Feng,Tang,Wang,Wu,Huang,Qiu
New York University
31 Chen,Chen(ED),Chen,Chen(ED),Chen(ED2),Dai(ED),Deng,Feng(ED),He,Jiang(ED),Li,Li,Li,Liao(ED),Liu(ED2),Qiao(ED),Qiu,Shen,Tang,Wang,Wang(ED),Wen,Wu(ED),Xi,Yu(ED),Zeng(ED),Zhang,Zhao(ED),Zhou,Zhu(HonorsProgram,ED2),Wang
Boston College
5 Ally Chen,Joshua Feng,Amelia Kuang,Terry Ruan(REA),Tony Wang
College of William and Mary
4 Selina Chen,Joshua Feng,Sunny Shen,Skyler Feng
Brandeis University
1 Wang
University of Rochester
9 Chen,Jian(ED),Li,Tang,Wang,Wen,Wu(ED2),Yang(ED),Zhu
Georgia Institute of Technology
2 Chen,Feng
Boston University
8 Chen,Chen,Guo,Kuang,Liang,Liang,Qiu,Tang
University of California, Santa Barbara
23 Chen,Chen(HonorsProgram),Chen,Deng,Feng,Feng,Fu,Guo,Kuang,Li,Liu,Qiu,Ruan,Shen(HonorsProgram),Tang,Wang,Wen(HonorsProgram),Xu,Yang,Zhou,Xu,Zheng,Du
Case Western Reserve University
3 Hu(ED),Deng,Wu
Northeastern University
7 Chen,Chen,Feng,Huang,Liang,Xu,Zhou(ED2)
Tulane University
1 Chen
University of Florida
1 Chen
University of California, ​Irvine
17 Deng,Feng,Feng,Guo,Kuang,Luo,Qiu,Shen(HonorsProgram),Wang,Wen(HonorsProgram),Yu,Zhou,Zhou,Zhu,Chen,Chen(HonorsProgram),Ruan
University of California-San Diego
24 Chen,Chen,Chen,Feng,Feng,Fu,Kuang,Li,Li,Liang,Sha,Shen,Tang,Wen,Wu,Xi,Xu,Yang,Yu,Zeng,Zeng,Zheng,Zhou,Du
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
9 Chen,Deng,Feng,Fu,Li(ED2),Liang,Luo(ED),Yang,Zhu
University of California, ​Davis
37 Chen,Chen,Chen,Deng,Deng,Du,Feng,Feng,Fu,Fu,Guo,He,Kuang,Li,Li,Li,Liang,Liu ,Liu,Lv,Peng,Ruan,Shen,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wu,Wu,Wu,Xiao,Yang,Yao,Zeng,Zhou,Zhou,Zhou
Lehigh University
2 Candy Deng,Peter Zhang
University of Miami
2 Fu,Zhu
University of Wisconsin--Madison
13 Chen,Chen,Chen,Deng,Deng,Fu,Huang,Li,Wang,Yang,Yao,Zhang,Zhou
Villanova University
1 Liu
Ohio State University, ​Columbus
16 Chen,Chen,Chen,Chen,Deng,Deng,Guo,Hu,Li,Li,Qiao,Ruan,Wu,Wu,Zhang,Zhang
The Pennsylvania State University
31 Chen,Chen,Deng,Huang,Lei,Lin,Liu,Liu,Luo,Shen,Wang,Wang,Wu,Xiao,Xu,Yang,Yang,Yang,Zhang,Zhang,Zhou,Zhou,Zhou,Wang,He,Liu,Zhou,Guo, Huang,Huang,Cai
University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
34 Chen,Chen,Chen,Dai,Deng,Deng,Feng,He,He,Huang,Jian,Jiang,Li,Li,Li,Liu,Liu,Nie,Peng,Shen,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wu,Wu,Xu,Xu,Yang,Zeng,Zhang,Zhou,Zhu
University of Texas at Austin
2 Jiang,Yu
University of Washington(Seattle)
2 Feng,Wen
University of Connecticut
9 Cai,Chen,He,Luo,Mo,Wu,Zhou,Guo,Cai
Purdue University-West Lafayette
11 Chen,He,Jiang,Li,Liu,Lv,Shen,Wang,Xu,Yang,Yu
George Washington University
2 He(ED2),Tong(ED2)
Fordham University
20 Chen,Chen(Scholarship50000),Chen,Chen,Dai,Jeff Deng(Scholarship50000),Skyler Feng(Scholarship50000),Bruce Jiang(Scholarship50000),Jackie Li(Scholarship50000),Sylvia Li(Scholarship50000),Sirius Lv,Charlie Nie(Scholarship50000),Alex Peng(Scholarship50000),Victor Qiu(Scholarship60000),Elsie Wang,Jasper Wang,Lillian Wang(Scholarship50000),Vivi Wang(Scholarship50000),Tammy Wu(Scholarship60000), Emma Xiao 620000
Southern Methodist University
5 Fu(Scholarship 40000),Jiang,Lin,Wang(Scholarship 40000),Yang(Scholarship 36000) 76000
Syracuse University
11 Cai,Cai,Chen,Chen,Mo,Shen,Tong,Wang,Yang,Zhang,Zhu
University of Pittsburgh
12 Fu,He,Lin,Luo(Scholarship18000),Shen,Yang,Zhou(HonorsProgram),Zhou,Zhou,Liu,Zhou,Huang 18000
Virginia Tech University
2 Lin,Wu
Rutgers University
10 Cai,Chen,He,Lei,Liu,Luo,Luo,Mo,Shen,Zhou
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
6 Jiang,Li,Wang,Wu,Zhou,Chen
University of Massachusetts--Amherst
10 Cai(Scholarship40000),Luo(Scholarship48000),Mo,Shen,Tong,Wu,Wu,Zhang(Scholarship40000),Zhou,He 128000
University of Iowa
3 Cai,Luo(Scholarship40000),Wang(Scholarship28000) 68000
Miami University-Oxford
3 Chen,Liu,Luo
University of California-Santa Cruz
11 Chen,Feng(Scholarship30000),He,Huang,Luo(Scholarship30000),Wang,Wang(Scholarship25000),Yang,Yang,Zhang,Zhou 85000
Clark University
1 Shen(Scholarship40000) 40000
Michigan State University
4 Li,Mo,Shen,Yang
Binghamton University, State University of New York
3 Wang,Zhang,Shen
University of Colorado-Boulder
2 Lei,Shen
Indiana University--Bloomington
11 Cai,Cai,Feng,He,Huang,Liu,Qiu(Scholarship40000),Tong,Wang(Scholarship6000),Wang,Zhang 46000
Drexel University
5 Cai,Luo,Shen(Scholarship61200),Yang,He 61200
Rochester Institute of Technology
1 Lin
Stony Brook University
4 Cai,Lei,He,Shen
University of Oregon
1 Zhu
University of New Hampshire
1 Qiu(Scholarship72000) 72000
University of San Francisco
1 He
Arizona State University
2 Liu,Wang
University of California-Riverside
3 Chen,Luo(Scholarship54000)(HonorsProgram),Wang 54000
University of Arizona
1 Luo(Scholarship64000) 64000
University of Illinois-Chicago
1 He
St. John's University
1 Zhong 15000
Suffolk University
1 Wang(Scholarship15000)
University of Missouri
2 Huang,Zhong
Bentley University
2 Wang,Zhou(Scholarship60000) 60000
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
4 Chen,Feng(Scholarship5000),Wang,Yao 5000
University of Washington Bothell
1 He
Miami University,Middletown
1 Liu
Seattle University
1 He
Liberal Arts Colleges
Ranking University #Admitted Student Name & Scholorship Scholorship Total
Pomona College
1 Zheng
Middlebury College
1 Chen
Carleton College
3 He,Li(ED),Wang(ED2)
Smith College
2 Kuang,Zhang(ED2)
Vassar College
2 Chen,Wu
Grinnell College
1 Huang
Haverford College
1 Kuang
Colorado College
2 Du,Wang
Kenyon College
2 Chen,Peng
Macalester College
4 Feng,Fu,Lin,Zhu(Scholarship50000) 50000
Oberlin College
6 Chen,Deng,Deng,Jiang,Liu,Liu
Bucknell University
1 Deng
Union College
1 Xiao
Mount Holyoke College
3 Deng,Huang,Shen(ED)
Franklin and Marshall College
4 Cai(ED2),Liang,Tong,Xiao
Trinity College
1 Zhang
Occidental College
1 Fu
Bard College
1 Zhou
Denison University
2 Huang(Scholarship20000)(ED2),Luo(Scholarship20000) 40000
Centre College
2 Zhang(ED),Huang
DePauw University
2 Cai(Scholarship96000),Xiao 96000
Furman University
1 Tong
Reed College
1 Huang
Hampshire College
1 Huang
Emerson College
3 Guo(Scholarship72000),Liang(Scholarship72000),Wen(Scholarship24000) 168000
Savannah College of Art and Design
2 Wen(Scholarship58000),He(24000) 58000
College of Art and Design
Ranking University #Admitted Student Name & Scholorship Scholorship Total
Parsons - the New School for Design
2 Wen(Scholarship40000),Zhou(Scholarship52000) 92000
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2 He(Scholarship29400),Qiu(Scholarship25200) 54600
Maryland Institute College of Art
2 He(Scholarship40000),Qiu 40000
School of Visual Arts
3 He(Scholarship20000),Qiu(Scholarship20000),Zhou(Scholarship20000) 60000
Pratt Institute
2 He,Zhu
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising,FIDM
1 Wen
Other Colleges
Ranking University #Admitted Student Name & Scholorship Scholorship Total
Universities in the United Kingdom
Ranking University #Admitted Student Name & Scholorship Scholorship Total
University of Cambridge
2 Chen,He
University of St Andrews
11 Chen,Chen,Chen,Chen,Deng,Feng,Li,Sha,Xi,Yang,Zheng
Imperial College London
6 Feng,Feng,Li,Luo,Wu,Xu
Durham University
16 Chen,Dai,Deng,Fu,Fu,Li,Liang,Nie,Wang,Wang,Wu,Wu,Wu,Yang,Zheng,Zhu
University College London
21 Chen,Chen,Chen,Dai,Deng,Deng,Du,Feng,Feng,Lei,Li,Li,Liang,Nie,Sha,Tang,Wang,Wu,Xi,Xu,Yang
University of Warwick
6 Dai,Feng,Fu,He,Wu,Xu
University of Leeds
1 Zhang
London School of Economics and Political Science
4 Deng,Kuang,Shen,Yang
University of Birmingham
2 Wu,Zhang
University of Bristol
1 Zhang
University of Nottingham
1 Zhang
University of Surrey
1 Huang
University of Glasgow
1 Zhang
University of Edinburgh
12 Chen,Chen,Chen,Deng,Fu,Lei,Liang,Wang,Xu,Xu,Zhang,Zhu
King's College London
12 Deng,Du,Fu,Lei,Li,Li,Liu,Shen,Tang,Wang,Xi,Yang
University of Manchester
9 Chen,Fu,Lei,Li,Liang,Shen,Wang,Wu,Zhang
University of Southampton
2 Liang,Zhang
Nottingham Trent University
1 Liang
University of the Arts London
2 He,Qiu
Universities in other countries/areas
Ranking University #Admitted Student Name & Scholorship Scholorship Total
Yale-NUS College
1 Zheng(ScholarshipSGD78000) SGD78000
New York University Abu Dhabi
1 Zheng(Scholarship320768) 320768
Georgetown University,Gtown SFS-Q
1 Huang
The University of Hong Kong
10 Chen(Scholarshipfulltuition(HKD880000)),Chen,Chen,Kuang,Qiu,Xu,Zhang,Tang(HKD30000),Wu,Feng HKD910000
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
3 Wu,Zhang,Wen
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2 Chen(ScholarshipHKD640000),Zhang(ScholarshipHKD640000+15000) HKD640000*2+15000
City University of Hong Kong
1 Wu
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,PolyU
2 Feng,Xu
Hong Kong Baptist University
1 Wu
University of Toronto
5 Deng,He,Qiu,Xiao,Li
University of British Columbia
2 Fu,Lv
McGill University
3 Chen,Chen,He
University of Alberta
1 Zhou
University of Waterloo
2 Qiu(CAD 2000),Xu(Scholarship40000)
Queen's University
1 Zhou
Carleton University
1 Liu
Wilfrid Laurier University
1 Liu
Brock University
1 Liu
The University of Sydney
38 Cai,Cai,Chen,Chen,Chen,Chen,Chen,Chen,Chen,Deng,Deng,Feng,Fu,Fu,Guo,He,Huang,Huang,Lei,Li,Li,Li,Luo,Peng,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wang,Wu,Wu,Wu,Yang,Zeng,Zhao,Zhou,Zhou,Wen
University of New South Wales
5 Chen,Fu,Guo,Li,Zhou
Instituto De Empresa
1 Huang
University of Groningen
1 Zhang
2 Liu,Huang
Jacobs university Bremen
1 Chen(Scholarship€22500) EUR22500